One of the world’s instant messaging service, Yahoo Messeager has announced its intention to shut down its service by July 17, 2018.

The announcement was made on its website, where it said the service can still be used till next month.

In a statement issued, Yahoo expressed its gratitude to customers and workers for their loyalty and dedication.

“We are thankful to the hundreds of millions who have used messenger over the years, as well as the thousands who have worked on it inside Yahoo for more than two decades,” it said.

It also indicated that, its new group messaging app, Yahoo Squirrel, which is based on invite only will be opened to the public soon.

In the statement it noted that, “.. as we continue to build and innovate products on our new messaging platform, we are announcing today that we will retire yahoo messenger, effective July, 17 2018.”

“Yahoo messenger has had an amazing run,” it said.

Report by : Stephanie Horsu