A final year student from the Accra Technical Training Center (ATTC) has single handedly developed a semi autonomous car which is to go around and empty dustbins on its own.

The Innovator, Sarfo George is using ultrasonic sensor and a GPS to detect objects around the car and track the dustbin whenever it is full.

The car is driven by 12/24 volts DC motor with an Arduino controller as the main processor.

When asked how he intends to achieve this objective, George mentioned that the car will have an embedded digital map which will lead the driverless car to the location of the bin, after which it will be moved elsewhere.

After buying the needed materials to help develop the semi autonomous car, George told techvoiceafrica.com that he needs support to help complete his project.

He mentioned that his desire help keep Ghana clean by ensuring that waste is collected at the right time and place and disposed rightfully is the motivation behind the initiative.

He therefore calls on corporate bodies, government and individuals to help him achieve his goal by assisting him complete the project.

To help Sarfo George with his initiative, interested persons can contact him via [email protected] or 0544525401.