Facebook is set to ban minors (under 18’s) from viewing gun accessory adverts on its platform.

As the Social Media Giant updates its policy on 21 June, children will no more see gun accessories on its platform.

This decision followed a “regular review” of the company’s policies.

Although currently, the company’s listed adverting policies  does not list the age restriction; it will change when the policy takes effect on June 21st.

Previously, anyone on the platform could see ads of holsters, gun-mounted lights, slings sights, belt extras, safes and many other items.

But according to Facebook, the restriction of ammunitions, sales of weapons, and explosive on its platform is to help minimize gun violence in the United States.

As shooting in schools at Santa Fe, Texas; Parkland, Florida and others, is on the rise.

The change coincides with the larger discussion about the role of firearms in the US, especially in the wake of a number of high-profile shootings.

According to The Verge, “limiting the ads to users who are likely out of high school feels like an incremental step, but it’s one that could cut down on the visibility of the items and accessories that make guns seem cooler.”

Report by: Priscilla Aikins