The National Communications Authority (NCA) released the draft Quality of Service Regulations, 2019, to the public and plans to use these guidelines to apply a Quality of Service Standards Framework to handle the technical advances in the telecommunications sector.

The regulations will guide in the evaluation of the quality of services provided by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) via Voice, Data & Text.

These services will be gauged on defined KPIs and methodologies outlined in the new guidelines and the findings will be published for public information in various public mediums.

In addition, these guidelines will aid in –

  • Consumers being well informed on the quality of service responsibilities that MNOs need to meet in their service delivery.
  • Improving the operation and performance of Service Providers.
  • Creating a healthy competitive environment

The NCA holds stakeholder participation in its actions and in the sharing of information to be critical for well-organized management of the telecommunications industry.

In this regard, the Authority provides opportunities for the public to contribute in the development and usage of these guidelines within the industry.

Accordingly, the Authority hereby invites views and comments on the Draft Quality of Service Regulations, 2019, in pursuance of Section 4.1 of the National Telecommunication Policy (2005) and Section 5(h) of the National Communications Authority Act, 2008, Act 769.

The public consultation for the draft document begins on 26th February, 2019 and ends on 8th April, 2019.