Minister of MESTI, Prof. Frimpong Boateng

Ghana’s Ministry of Science, Environment, Technology and Innovation has announced that a draft policy on Science and Technology has been put before cabinet awaiting approval. The policy will guide the West African country’s vision to develop to become a high-income country which fully applies and integrates STI into national development strategies.

Since assuming office in 2017, the new administration has paid keen attention to Science, Technology and Innovation, describing these area as crucial to driving its economic transformation agenda which is hinged on digitization. “We have drafted the Science and Technology Innovation Policy, and it is awaiting cabinet approval. In Ghana, sometimes if you don’t have a policy, you might do things haphazardly. We need a policy that will guide all of us; every ministry, on how they are going to apply Science and Technology to develop our nation” the sector Minister, Prof Frimpong Boateng said at the 9th edition of the Meet the Press series.

He also indicated that President Akufo Addo will soon name the individuals who will constitute the Presidential Advisory Committee on STI issues.

“We have suggested some names to the presidential for the Presidential Advisory Council which has been formed. I believe at the appropriate time, the president will make known the names of the men and women who are going to advise him in advancing Science and Technology in the country”, he indicated.    Specific objectives of the policy include facilitating the mastering of scientific and technological capabilities and provision of a framework for inter-institutional collaborations in developing STI programs in all sectors of the economy to meet the basic needs of the society