The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has embarked on a campaign to promote universal access to information across the country to Chikombedzi District.

Chikombedzi is a remote area in Zimbabwe which is still lagging behind due to limited telecommunications infrastructure, road networks and structural education facilities.

However, POTRAZ in order to break the cycle to ensure that universal access to information becomes a reality to the ordinary citizenry has put up a well structured program of roadshows across the country.

Through the program, the authority manages to reach out to the people through consumer education and awareness campaigns.

Like other provinces, Chikombedzi has received commendable support from the telecoms regulator in the form of a Community Information Centre(CIC) established at the growth point.

The CIC houses latest computers connected to the Internet, allowing local residents to enjoy the privilege of universal access to information.

Mrs Ndabani, the CIC officer of the Chikombedzi Community Information Centre, explained that the facility is changing the lives of school children in the district.

“School children from local secondary schools like Alpha Mpapa High School, Makambe Secondary School, Majijimba High School, and Malipati Secondary School are coming here to do their researches on the Internet using the CIC facilities” she said.

According to her, teachers from Lowveld Technical College are also using the facility during holidays to do researches, assignments and also access online courses.

Since October 2017, POTRAZ has established over 147 Community Information Centres across the country, directly impacting the lives of 9,700 individuals who have received training courses in ICT literacy.

POTRAZ has also donated about 479 computers to schools located around every Community Information Centre that has been commissioned.

This is in its quest to promote the innovation and adoption of advanced information communication technologies across country.