Danous Prestige Enterprise has introduced affordable solar powered cars into the Ghanaian market to ensure that Ghanaians have a better environment for the future.

The initiative is also aimed at giving the average Ghanaian an opportunity to save on cars.

In an interview with TechVoiceAfrica, the Chief Operations Director, John Kennedy, mentioned that the car comes in four models which are the Eco Coupe Q2, Eco Coupe Q4 (currently being marketed), and the EV models EV2 and EV 4 which are not in the country yet.

The Eco Coupe Q4 has a solar plastic covering with normal metal roof, whiles the Coupe Q2 comes with a moon roof.

Eco Coupe Q2 with a moon roof
Eco Coupe Q4 with a solar plastic covering and a normal metal roof

The cars which run on just lithium batteries ( has no engine) ensures the highest safety value and most promising life cycle.

The Eco Coupe Q4 has air bags, a keyless start, 13inch wheels and a 3.5 kilowatt batteries.

Due to its solar capability, the car can be used for 4 weeks with just a solar charge.

The Eco Coupe models are low speed local touring cars which can be used within cities at 50km/h.

From the Chief Operations Director, measures are being put in place to retrofit the low speed cars and get them to do about 80km/h. However, the future models are expected to go between 80km/h and 130km/h although they will cost a little more.

The EV 2 & EV 4 are expected to have more standard specs like the dual air bags, bigger wheel base, keyless entry, and a power lock.

Mr. John Kennedy mentioned that the EV models would also have lithium batteries to enhance the car’s capability.

What happens when it’s not sunny? Interestingly, the car comes with a charging point that goes straight into 240volts. When it’s raining and there is no access to the sun you could just pull off to the house and charge.

He indicated that it takes almost 2hours to get the car fully charged.

Battery fully charged with solar power

According to Mr. John Kennedy, the cost involved in charging the car fully per their observation is Ghc 4.00, this is to say that its electricity usage is very low.

Price of the Eco Coupe Models

The Eco Coupe models are expected to cost about $15,000 which is currently about Ghc52,000 although the average car that is electric in America is about $150,000.

The future of the Eco Coupe Models in Ghana

Mr. John Kennedy revealed that in the near future, the cars would have charging stations, after sales service stations and assembling plants at vantage points in the country.

According to him, electric cars are coming, no matter what anybody says because they are the thing of the future.

He stated that, the initiative is a great idea for the taxi and the tourism promotion business because with it customers can ride all day long with just the sun.