Telecommunications companies (Telcos) in Ghana have begun blocking SIMs of mobile subscribers yet to be registered.

The exercise is in compliance with the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation’s directive issued on November 11, 2022.

A statement, issued by the Chamber of Telecommunications, stated that the networks since November 20 have been blocking data services for all subscribers who have only completed Stage 1 (linkage to Ghana Card) but not Stage 2 (biometric capture) of the SIM registration process, as directed by the Ministry.

The services to be blocked include; voice, Data (Mobile Phones, MiFis, other data providing devices), SMS (incoming and outgoing), USSD, Mobile Money services and Emergency services.

“Our members are obliged by the directive to completely deactivate all subscriber SIMs which have not completed the biometric capture registration by close of business today, November 30, 2022,” the statement noted.

The Chamber has, however, encouraged all subscribers who have acquired Ghana Cards but are yet to complete Stage 2 (biometric capture) to do so without delay.

The Chamber further pledged commitment to support the efforts of all stakeholders to ensure that every customer in every part of the country is able to register their SIM card (s) with the Ghana Card.