The Hacklab Foundation through a partnership with IBM has launched a digital skills training program.

The program was launched at the recent Hacklab My IT Career Seminar held in Ho, at the Ho Technical University with support from the University Management.

The program which is open to every Ghanaian youth, looking to learn skills for future jobs in demand, will give access to over 100 courses in multiple languages distilled into career tracks such as Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Artificial Intelligence Expert, Blockchain Specialists, Machine Learning Expert, Programming and more.

However in making it accessible to all,  anyone with a mobile phone or computer connected to the internet can access this platform for free, and at anywhere.

Each Course completed, gives the individual a digital certificate and digital badge from IBM which can be added to their credentials to boost their competitiveness for jobs.

The platform also has a job marketplace where individuals can apply to jobs posted from across Africa and beyond.

To join the program today for free interested participants can use this link:

Also, for inquiries and partnerships, the Hacklab Foundation team can be contacted at [email protected]

Hacklab Foundation

The Hacklab Foundation is a non-profit organization established since 2015, focused on preparing the youth for future jobs through boot camps, hackathons, workshops and Mentorship programs.

Hacklab does this by decentralizing and democratizing access to technology education and tools, hence their tag line, Advancing Technology in Africa.

Their initiatives have impacted over 3000 youth since their inception, including children between the ages of 7-13 years who participate in our Hacklab Junior Makers Summer Camp.

The Foundation believes that creating an equal platform for everyone, irrespective of race, gender, social class and physical limitations will allow for a fair chance to compete for the same opportunity. This has been the core of their initiatives.

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