Impact Hub, in collaboration with the Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ) in Germany, is transforming the historic Round Pavilion at the Trade Fair Centre on December 14th and 15th into an eclectic location to host re:publica Accra for the first time in Africa.

re:publica Accra will be used as a platform to highlight the connection between development work and digitalization, as well as create an avenue for networking among the digital community in West Africa.

Under the topic “Tech for Good”, re:publica Accra also presents inspiring sessions in which it discusses how digital technologies with innovative solutions can contribute to mastering global challenges.

Some prominent speakers to grace the event include Nanjala Nyabola (author of “Including Africa’s Media Image in the 21st Century”) and Mark Surman (Mozilla Foundation Executive Director).

The Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Impact Hub Accra, Will Senyo said the event will be used to celebrate Ghanaian excellence and innovators who have displayed extra ordinary skills in a digitized era.

“If you look at the global pan-African digital conversation, Ghana is considered one of the top five most active innovative communities on the continent.

“Now if you couple that with our strong democratic credentials and our open society and culture, it makes Ghana the perfect place to have this conference.

“There is also a global focus on Ghanaian innovators and it will be used as an opportunity to celebrate their work and put Ghana and for that matter Africa on the map.”