The National Communications Authority (NCA) has made known its intention of selling the country’s last 4G spectrum.

The 4G spectrum the organization says, will be going for $67 million.

According to the National Communications Authority,  government plans to award the last spectrum to interested companies.

However, the spectrum will be sold in bits which is to say that, the cost of the remaining 800MHz bands of LTE Spectrum will be shared among interested telecommunication companies in the country.

The move is to afford more telecommunications companies the opportunity to provide the 4G service to their customers.

According to some players, it will affect the quality of the service and hence they are not pleased with the deal.

Deputy Communication Minister, George Andah last month indicated that government was not going to reduce the price of the spectrum.

He also indicated then, that government plans to soon award the last remaining 4G spectrum to another telecommunication network.

In December 2015, the telecoms regulator, auctioned two blocks of 800MHz bands of LTE Spectrum at a reserve price of about 67 million dollars and invited telecom companies to bid.

However, only MTN participated in the auction for one block at the reserve price; whilst the others abstained.

Their major reason for abstaining was the cost of the spectrum which they described as expensive.

Since then many moves have been made by some telecommunication companies to get a portion of the 4G.

On the part of Vodafone they have made moves to acquire Surfline to be able to offer the service but the NCA is yet to approve the move.